Information Exhibits

Red 5 Studios

Keeping all departments aware of the project's design goals became increasingly challenging as the team grew. To combat confusion, I was tasked with creating large, informative posters that described each design facet and goal for Firefall (working title).

Combining my skills as a graphic artist and 5+ year veteran in print media, I created several posters that were hung along the common area walls and became akin to media exhibits that prompted discussions and enthusiasm in all members of the team.

Presenting design elements in a visual format was very helpful in keeping the lines of communication open between the various departments. A byproduct of this was a steady influx of design conversations and ideas from nearly everyone on the team. By having all of the "pillars of design" out in the open, we were better able to address possible concerns and cut features that failed to strengthen the goals of the product. By gauging the responses of the audience ("audience" being everyone in the company), we were better able to identify the weaker facets of the design that didn't garner the return on investment or enthusiasm we were aiming to accomplish.

Factions of Firefall Firefall's Tech Armies - Guilds 2.0 Warpaint - Advanced Player Customisation
Massively Persistent Shooter PvP With A Purpose Structured PvE Content Remnants - Zones of Firefall

Content Planning

Trion Worlds

As the demands for content organization grew throughout the project, I was tasked with continually updating the internal wiki with maps depicting the locations of various missions, points of interest, Arkfalls, Emergencies, Challenges and other elements. Eventually, I created a highly visible wall map that measured roughtly 4' x 6' in size. It resided in a high-traffic area of the content design bullpen and possessed multiple layers of transparency film that designated the locations of the various articles of content. The wall map was considerably more effective at broadcasting information as it attracted more viewers than the wiki.

Defaince - Bay Area Frontier